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Estate Sales Etiquette

First Come First Served
A line forms at the front door (usually) and everyone keeps their own place in line.  Some people will walk around and talk once they have established a place in line and this is generally accepted. Leaving the property usually means you have abandoned your place in line and will have to go to the end of the line if you return.  Many an argument has started over this situation.  When you get in line remember you are responsible for knowing who you are behind and even how many are in front of you.

Hoarding Items
This is the practice of gathering a bunch of items in a pile and taking your time looking and making a decision on whether to buy or not.  We do not allow this type of practice and require you to buy what you pile. Hoarding effectively removes the items from the sale during a time when the sale might have the most potential buyers.  This is not fair to the estate sale company or others attending the sale.

Items Marked Sold
Some companies allow you to mark items sold that you do not want to carry around the sale with you or are to large to carry.  However, we only allow our workers to mark an item sold. Once an item is marked sold you are obligated to purchase the item because you have effectively removed it from the sale.  It is not fair to the company and others to hold an item by marking it sold and then changing your mind.  Someone else may have been ready to purchase the item and then left because it was marked sold.  Also removing a sold sticker is not fair to the person who was first to decide to purchase the item.

No Large Bags or Purses
Please try to leave your large purse at home when attending estate sales.  Companies are leery of small items finding their way into a large purse or bag.  Please try to understand the company's position on this.  They may know you but they do not know everyone and have to treat all customers the same.

Children at Estate Sales
It is not a good idea to bring children to estate sales. There are several reasons for this and most important is the safety of the child. There are huge crowds present and a child may get hurt accidentally.  Also, it is most company's policy that if an item is broken that the customer pay for it.  Small hands and breakable items do not go well together.  Please think about a few things before bringing a child to a sale: child safety, company policy, other customers.  We have even seen people trying to bring a stroller into a sale, try to imagine pushing a stroller around a crowded house.

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